The Douro Boys in Brasil by the Lacrème magazine.

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Top 100 wineries of the year, by Wine & Spirits magazine.

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“Massive in every way but so beautifully complete and integrated.” ... 18 out of 20.

[ Vintage2009 ]

“(...) 2008 Charme, the most elegant red wine we've tasted from the Douro.”... Wine & Spirits' top performing wines.

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New York Times Wine Club sampler of Twisted Tinto 2008.

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Dirk Niepoort and his Sadie Swartland Experience!

[ Dirk & Sadie Swartland Experience ]
Dirk & Sadie Swartland Experience
Dirk & Sadie Swartland Experience

1991 Vintage Port Blind Tasting with Roy Hersh. “A true light weight with sheer elegance and sublime (...) It is impressive for such a young Colheita.” ... 91 Points

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“I used to think there must be two Dirk Niepoorts. How would he ever have the time and energy to produce great ports and Douro table wines, get involved in myriad joint ventures with friends and winemakers such as Telmo Rodriguez, travel so frequently, and still have the energy and enthusiasm to share his love of world wines - and the food to go with them - with so many people in such an apparently relaxed manner, if he were just one person? 'Another Big Day', held earlier this year at Quinta da Nápoles, the Niepoort winery and tasting haven in the Douro, revealed the secret: he has an outstanding team working with him.”

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“Dirk van der Niepoort and his remarkable Wines.”

[ Dirk ]

“Doda/Dado vertical tasting: Dão meets the Douro.”

[ Dado ]

“(...) a textural masterpiece for the sometimes tepid Loureiro grape (...)”

[ Docil ]

“This collaboration between the Douro's Dirk Niepoort and sherry's Equipo Navazos is a singular wine.”

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The International Wine Review's Top 50 Portuguese Wines.

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International Wine Cellar's tasting of Redoma Rosé 2010 ... 89 Points.

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“The Academy discovers the Douro”.

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Redoma Branco 2009 makes a shining appearance on Chicago's vibrant wine scene.

[ RedomaBr ]

Wine Spectator review of Redoma Branco Reserva 2009 ... 90 Points.

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Wine Anorak's yearly selection of Portuguese wines, made this year by Tom Cannavan, puts Julia Kemper Reserva White 2009 and Niepoort Batuta 2008 on the shortlist.

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The perfect wine for a blind tasting of white Burgundy. The elegance and

finesse of Julia Kemper white wine would fool some experts.

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Julia Kemper Reserva 2009 and Niepoort Batuta 2008 on Julia Harding's Top 50 Portuguese wines list.

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Wines of Portugal video coverage of the Another Big Day event.

[ Big Day at Douro #2 | Big Day at Douro interview | Big day no Douro #1 ]
Big Day at Douro #2
Big Day at Douro interview
Big day no Douro #1

“Massive in any way but so beautifully complete and integrated.”... 18 out of 20.

[ Vintage 2009 ]

Dirk Niepoort comments about the 2009 vintage and Port's future.

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“Niepoort Colheitas: the philosophy and a fine vertical of 1937, 1934, 1912, 1900 & 1863.”

[ Colheitas ]

“Portugal's Wine Revolutionaries: The Douro Boys make stellar dry reds in a region known for port.”

[ DouroBoys ]

Luis Gutiérrez' article about Another Big Day and its wines.

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Dirk Niepoort and the Douro Boys on Notícias Sabado magazine.

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El Mundo Vino highlights on Niepoort and the 2008 Batuta & Charme wines.

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“A memorable degustation.” Fugas reports on Niepoort's Another Big Day.

[ Another Big Day ]

“A great find: Julia Kemper organic wines from the Dão”... Sarah Ahmed reviews the Julia Kemper wines.

[ JuliaKemper ]

Harpers Wine & Spirit's take on 2010 Dócil Vinho Verde. “(...) dry, delicious, fresh and floral, with lemon and lime flavours.”

[ Docil ]

“(...) a classical Douro wine in a style that has never appeared from this region before. Extraordinary.”..... 97 Points.

[ Charme08 ]

About 2008 Bioma, the organic vintage Port wine from Pisca vineyard.

[ Bioma08 ]

A first taste of 2008 Bioma.

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“Dirk Niepoort: A humble, Croc wearing maverick.”

[ Dirk ]

“(...) el elegante, complejo, pimentado Ladredo 2008 de Dirk van der Niepoort y de su enólogo Luis Seabra se destacó del resto de vinos.” 17 out of 20

[ Ladredo08 ]

Wine Spectator scores for 2008 Batuta (92 Points) and Charme (92 Points) and Vertente (89 Points).

[ Scores08 ]

La Revue du Vin de France's article about Douro region giving Niepoort 2006 Redoma a 16 out of 20 score.

[ Redoma06 ]

2008 Batuta and 2008 Charme get 92 Points on this review.

[ Insider ]

Sarah Ahmed says Ladredo is not on the Top 5 from Portugal… because it's done in Spain…

[ Ladredo2008 ]

Article and review of Niepoort's Projects and their national and international adventures, such as 2009 Navazos/Niepoort Branco, 2007 Omlet, and 2009 Equinócio Branco.

[ Projectos ]

Niepoort is new to Crusted Port, once the preserve of a few british shippers….. 18 out of 20

[ Crusted ]

Beautiful fotos and report on portwine, Douro and its people.

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Robert Parker's review of: 2008 Batuta, Charme and Redoma, Twisted and Vertente, and 2009 Redoma Branco, Redoma Branco Reserva and Redoma Rosé and Tiara.

[ Batuta2008 | Charme2008 | Redoma2008 | RedomaBr2009 | RedomaRes2009 | RedomaRose2009 | Tiara2009 | Twisted2008 | Vertente2008 ]

Review of Douro wines: 2004 Robustus, 2007 and 2008 Batuta, 2005 Omlet, 2008 Vertente, 2008 and 2009 Redoma Reserva Branco, 2008 Charme, 2009 Redoma Branco, and 2009 Tiara.

[ Scores USA ]

“Big, solidly tannic, impressive wine, packed with brooding fruits, very firm.”..... 96 points.

[ Batuta 2008 ]

About red wines from Douro and Niepoort…

[ Dirk Niepoort ]

G&W Mag article on Dirk Niepoort and Quinta de Nápoles.

[ Dirk Niepoort ]

Certainly one of the great Tawny Ports currently produced. It is balanced and masterful… [about Niepoort Tawny 30 Years Old]

On the palate, the wine offers a sublime structure, balanced tannins, with a rare elegance, and ideal freshness. The reference of the Vintages..

[about Niepoort Vintage 2007, classified on the 1st place]

[ Vintage 2007 et Al ]

Dirk Niepoort has played a leadership role in establishing Douro table wines on the world market. Several years ago, he began to focus on elegance rather than the power the region’s wines can so readily deliver…

[ Vertente 2007 + Charme 2007 ]

On one of the most recognized Brazilian Wine Magazines, “Prazeres da Mesa”, Niepoort Vintage 2007 was classified on the 1st place, in the famous Brazilian TOP 100 Wine Guide. After 6 editions, it was the first time a Port Wine won the 1st place.

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